b'Stage shows In Absentia(2013)Premiered in the 2013 Dunedin Fringe Festival and toured throughout New Zealand for sold out houses and rave reviews.In Absentia brings into moving focus the reality of Alzheimers disease by using, ironically, the unreal world of puppetry to present a story that is at once both intimate and universal, tragic and surreally outrageous. The show uses life-size puppets and an array of beguiling staging devices to provide a mesmerizing glimpse into the world of dementia, where time becomes fluid and memories shape-shift as a son and his mother traverse the broken, bewildering, and ultimately revelatory, landscape of her illness.The Dunedin Fringe nominated In Absentia for Best Theatre, Best Production Design, and Best of Fringe, and it won Best Production Design for being, in the words of the judging panel: a work by master puppeteers. Mind blowingly imaginative.Trailer:https://vimeo.com/67272848Whole show (recording of a rehearsal)https://vimeo.com/7038526093'