b'T HEN TIONALOT HEATREC OMPANY OFN EWZ EALANDTablo Theatre Company was formed in 2009 in Christchurch, NZ. It was the brainchild and theatrical vehicle for Creative Directors Simon van Der Sluijs and John Cohen-Du Four. The Company devised and performed highly creative and compelling contemporary puppetry pieces for adult audiences in street theatre and on stage. Thesculptedpuppets,oftenlife-sized,werebeautifullycrafted elevating the puppet experience to new artistic levels. Dialogue was kept to a minimum, with performances notable for their use of a range of clever staging devices, including memorable scores, film and projection.Co-creative direction, show design, puppets and props created by Simon van der Sluijs.My goodness.what intriguing work you do!The aesthetic is simply amazing. The manipulation is haunting.It would be lovely to have some of your work this way some time in the future!South MillerDirectrice artistique, Les Sages Fous, Canada92'