b'The quiver of a look, the tremor of excitement, the overwhelming sense of the other, the agony of lossMantra explores love, life and death in a potic meditation.In a sparse, sober landscape four individuals are trying to find their way in life - alone and together. Performed by two dancers and two puppets, the dancers are in dialogue with what the puppets represent, to find meaning on the journey to make the right choices. The puppets represent the unconscious of the two dancers, their alter ego. The dancers are playing with, challenging, exploring their own being and sensuality through the character of the puppets.Its about control vs un-control. Mantra was the result of the cooperation between movement director Fleur de Thierand artist and puppet maker Simon van der Sluijs and was successfully performed, with the support of Creative Communities, over 4 shows in two venues. The show is an unique mix of contemporary dance with puppetry (life sized, visually stunning and operated by the dancers), poetry, and an impressive music score of contemporary and classical music. Trailer:https://vimeo.com/389355664Watch the show: https://vimeo.com/37451365590'