b'About RequiemWith Requiem we remember how life has forever changed in the last decade as a result of the quakes, the first terrorist attack and corona and that a new, resilient human was required. We all have been, one way or another, affected by the events of the last decade, we all had to deal with the grief of what was lost and we all needed to rely on each other to find a way through and come out better at the other end.Requiem starts and ends with a party and visualises what happened in between. This was a performance which stayed with you well after the show ended.The show was a unique mix of contemporary dance with puppetry, poetry, and an impressive live performance on stage by cellist Nicole Reddington. The audience attendance and response were testimony that it was a successful projectThat was actually insanely gorgeous from start to finish you are outstanding ! Just fricken beautiful and clever and soulful. Audience responseA huge congratulations on your show. I thought it was amazing on so many levels. It was massively ambitious in terms of storyline, from my interpretation, and I felt the narrative was clear and accessible.All of the performers were so connected and flowing,it was very powerful and moving.The music and cellist were stunning. It was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Thanks for a mighty show and fabulous memory!Audience response.The partnership of Fleur de Thier and Simon van der Sluijs has produced a thought-provoking, absorbing and, at times, enigmatic production.Rebounds dancers bring their own enthusiasm, humour, energy and resilience to the performance.Dr Ian Lochhead, TheatreviewWatch the show:https://vimeo.com/77314555884'