b'Table for oneHe was a man of habit. During the week he led a sober life, but every Sunday he treated himself to a nice meal in the best reataurant in town. Table for one, please became a welknown request for the wait staff.However, he never quite understood why, as the restaurant became more popular, his table for one ended up way above the other patrons.The only reason he could think of was that maybe he really was the most honoured guest!Total height 2400mmMomento Mori (remember the dead)After we are done living and before we start on our new journey it is time to look back, say farewell to all things dear to us. Looking down, we reflect on our childhood, our travels, the ones who, at some point in our lives, were dear to us.In transit, we stand as we are, ready to go, in coat and hat because you never know what the weather will be.Total height 2400mm80'