b'Dr Woyzseck, travelling physicianNo market is complete without the travelling physician. Kids mainly want to see this Polish Doctor for his rare and bizarre artefacts (curios) and enjoy being a bit scared of his dark tent. Adults wait in line to be cured of all complaints with creams, ointments and miracle waters. He has a remedy for every ailment.Dr Woyzceck, 400mm x 450mmThe Poet.Words, give me words. Everybody knows these words by now because this heartbroken poet has been crying them out ever since the love of his life left him. Nobody knows who the mysterious woman, he called his muse was, nor why she left him, but the whisper is that he got so locked up in his book with its own world that in the end she only existed in his imagination and his poems. Some wonder if she ever existed at all.The Poet: 400mm x 500mm76'