b'Fools ParadiseLike every city, Roma also has its share of fools, the colourful characters who entertain the citizens with their unexpected antics. Time and rules dont exist for those who live in this world. For some it is a comedy, but for the fool it is a reality. Life looks different in their upside down world. But who knows, maybe it is their world which is the real one and we are the fools. Fools Paradise, 500mm x 450mmThe Chinese MarketeerThis Chinese woman is the oldest trader on the market. Every week she carries her wares to the square; colourful silk threads, buttons, matches, mysterious potions. Actually, just about anything you can think of has found a place in her cabinet. She never really looks you in the eye and a deal is made with a soft mumble and a nod of her head.The Chinese Marketeer, 500mm x 450mm,75'