b'From: A project steeped in history with tales of lovers and fools, a Roma!2007 travelling physician, marketeers, jugglers, a contortionistand lots more in between.The Lovers or A Tragic AffairThis is the sad story of Maria and Vittorio. They lived in villages on either side of the valley. One day they met when Vittorio was herding his goats and Maria was picking flowers. The moment they saw each other they fell in love, deeply in love.Every time they met, their love deepened and every day apart filled their hearts with sadness.Until one day Marias husband, who happened to be a butcher, found out about the affair. In rage he jumped on his horse, raced across the valley and brutally killed Vittorio. When she heard about his death, Maria was heartbroken. She went back to the valley where they first met, picked the leaves of the deadliest plants she could find and drank a poisonous tea so they could be together forever. It was a tragic affair.The Lovers,400mm x 350mm74'