b'From: The Wedding2008Walter and PeggyWalter, being the only son, is the golden boy. The big silent type like his dad and after his I do even more silent, because being the virgin in this marriage makes him a bit concerned about their wedding night.Peggy, only child of Arthur and Doreen, was only told just before the wedding that she was adopted because, as Doreen said: Arthurs grain didnt make good flour.This news (not about Arthur but about being adopted) has shaken her world a bit and her I do almost sounded like I am?Paper coll, approx 700mm (w) x 650mm (h)The BabiesTo her great distress the wee girl was dumped on the floor by some mother. She cried piteously and to top it all off she had to be friends with this boy who, knowing that he would be blamed for her tears, could only think : it wasnt me, I dont know her so get me out of here!Paper coll, each approx 780mm (w) x 600mm (h)71'