b'From:Carnivale 2009It is 1934. On the horizon the silhouette of a caravan appears. As it comes closer the sounds of trucks and the rattling wheels of carriages gets louder. When the first trucks arrive at the edge of town a large crowd forms along the streets to see the parade. Jugglers, clowns, the cannonball man, fortune tellers, magicians, animals, freaks, they are all here.The Carnivale is in town!!And while rough men work hard to set up the tents and attractions once again, children stare at the human odditieslike the half man and the matchstick man as they get ready to perform that evening.The merry-go-round is being set up, and the horses are dusted off and given a quick coat of varnish to hide all the wear and tear created by the hundreds of children in other towns and villages.As night falls and lights colour the carnivale, men huddle around the hoochie tent, red-eared and anxious to see the girl performing her mysterious feather dance. Broken hearts try their luck with the fortune teller and a hush goes through the crowd as the cannonballman gets ready for another death defying flight.For four weeks the troupe will entertain, amaze, frighten, excite, provokeNell, the domesticated monkeyTotal height 750mm68'