b'Crossroads, Charcoal & acrylic, 550x550mm The Journey, Charcoal, 550x550mm (incl mat)Artists notes about Figure I&II, Figure III and Figure IVAfter the first World War an American sculptor, Anna Coleman Ladd (1878-1939), went to great lengths to help disfigured soldiers who came back from the war. Soldiers came to Ladds studio to have a cast made of their face and their features sculpted onto clay or plasticine. This form was then used to construct the prosthetic piece from extremely thin galvanized copper. The metal was painted with hard enamel to resemble the recipients skin tone. Ladd used real hair to create the eyelashes, eyebrows and moustaches. The prosthesis was attached to the face by strings or eyeglasses. The effect of her work was to give the soldiers their lives back. These 3 works are a tribute to Anna Coleman Ladd.Figure 1&2, Charcoal, 600x750mm (incl mat) Figure 3, Charcoal, 600x750mm (incl mat) Figure 4, Charcoal, 600x750mm (incl mat)39'