b'Murderous Intent, Charcoal & acrylic, 700x1000mm(Limited edition giclee, A2 size, available)Artists notes about Murderous Intent: I realise that this work could be quite confrontational but if you are prepared to look beyond what you think you are seeing, it tells a different story. Murderous Intent dissects what happens when we have to make really big decisions in life. The intent in the title indicates that the thought process to lead up to the decision (the murder) is there. The nudity of the man refers to how vulnerable you can feel in that process, the knife is a metaphor for the consequence of the big decision, you always cut something off as a result of that decision and finally the donkey mask refers to my Dutch heritage which has an expression a donkey does not kick the same stone twice meaning that after the first one he has the insight that it could hurt. The man in the work is looking for that insight.37'