b'T h e A n A T o m y o f m e l A n c h o l y P A r T i i : d i s s e c T u mDrawings | Objects Dissectum means deeply cut and in its original meaning refers to the deep cuts in foliage. For me the deep cuts are not just the ones we need to make to understand the workings of an organism but also the potential deep cuts we need to consider when we have to make big decisions (as in: Murderous Intent). To be deeply cut can also be the result of our experiences in life. And with deep cuts comes the need to heal, to find ways to put what is left back together again or to form a new. (see the works: Figure 1&2, Figure 3 and Figure 4)The exhibition is in two partsThe Wunderkammer* where various objects, boxes and other curios are shown.(Wunderkammer*: A cabinet of scientific curiosities, especially during the Renaissance)And a series of charcoal drawings and small bird paintings embellished with embroidery.Origin, Charcoal, 1100x700mm36'