b' I am driven by the need to visualise ideas mainly because I am curious to see what they will look like. My work can vary in discipline, medium and appearancefrom strongly physical, to intimate and contemplative, from drawings to paintings to sculpture, mixed media and even puppetry.Simon van der Sluijs (1954) is a multi-disciplinairy artist who works across a wide variety of disciplines and mediums. His work is figurative and narrative. A graduate in The Netherlands from The Moller Institute for sculpture, drawing and painting (1979) and The Royal Academy for Art & Design (1982), Simon worked as an exhibition and graphic designer and illustrator in The Netherlands before emigrating to New Zealand in 1989 where he developed a successful career as a graphic designer. Simon is an established artist regularly exhibiting in galleries throughout New Zealand and The Netherlands. His works are in private collections throughout the world.From 2001 to 2009 Simon owned Allegory Art Gallery in Lichfield Street in Christchurch where he exhibited work by emerging and established artists as well as his own work.From 2009 - 2015 he was co-founder, owner, creator and performer of Tablo, The Notional Theatre Company of New Zealand. Tablo was an exciting new addition to New Zealands theatrical scene, presenting everything from short films to street theatre to staged shows, resurrecting the time-honoured tradition of puppet and mask theatre for adult audiences. Tablos most succesful show was award winning In Absentia; performed in front of sold out houses throughout New Zealand.Simon is represented by Little River Gallery and The Artists Room (Dunedin)Exhibitions (solo and group shows):Due to the Christchurch earthquakes Simon did not exhibited 2011-2018. 2022:The Little River Gallery, Little River 2006:Muller Tentoonstellingen, The Hague, 2021:The Artists Room, Dunedin The NetherlandsContact:T:+64 (0)3 325 1340 2020:The Little River Gallery, Little River Rotterdams Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam, M:+ 64 (0)27 436 8547 2019:The Little River Gallery, Little River The NetherlandsE: info@simonvandersluijs.com The Artists Room, Dunedin Museum Mohlman, Venhuizen, The Netherlandsor 2018:The Little River Gallery, Little RiverKarmelklooster, Drachten, The Netherlandssimonvandersluijs@gmail.com2011:The Little River Gallery, Little RiverAllegory Art Gallery, Christchurch2009:The Little River Gallery, Little River 2005: The Little RIver Gallery, Little River2008:The Little River Gallery, Little RiverAllegory Art Gallery, ChristchurchFurniture on Art, Christchurch 2004 Galeridelaar, Bingelrade, The Netherlands2007:The Little River Gallery, Little River Allegory Art Gallery, ChristchurchAllegory Art Gallery, Christchurch 2003: NZ on Art, ChristchurchFurniture on Art, ChristchurchSelwyn Gallery, DarfieldGallery O, ChristchurchTO REQUEST A CATALOGUE OF AVAILABLE WORK PLEASE CONTACT: info@simonvandersluijs.com2'